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I’ve been living in my mother’s shadow until now.

True thing primary school fourth-grade summer vacation, my mother in my summer homework, give me an Olympic book, which is really difficult for me at that time, my math score is not very good. Ping, she took me to the company where she worked, a little far from home. There were a lot of kids coming to play with me, and my mom drove them all away. She asked me to sit at her desk and write math because I really couldn’t write, and it took me an hour to write two or three questions, and she thought I didn’t want to study or read. Also feel that I secretly play with her computer, and then began to scold me, never forget these things, I come out of the company, get on the bus, get off the bus, have been scolding me. The distance from the bus stop to home is still scolding me. Finally home, she felt that I was lying, she decided that I was playing computer do not write homework, pressed me, with needles to my mouth (that is, the kind of needle to sew clothes), after the broken, but also I knelt to apologize to her, said that later will do a good job of homework do not play computer. Because the wound will be itchy when it is knotted, she is afraid that I scratched the scar, sleep at night with nylon rope to hide my hand do not let me touch.

I can’t forget these things until now, I’m so optimistic now, it’s a miracle.

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