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Oh, yes, you’ll see a lot of strange dishes in China. But it’s actually…

1.Couple lung tablets, do you think they were made by husband and wife lung tablets? Wrong, in fact, the main ingredients of cattle for halogen slices, drizzled with peppers and peppers made of red oil, a bright red flavour spicy cold vegetables made.

2, Ants on the tree, this dish is not made with ants, but with mince and powder making.

3.lion head, this lion head is not the lion’s head, this lion’s head is used by the meat plus onions, ginger, eggs and other ingredients cut into meat puree, to make fist-sized meatballs, red burning can also be steamed, the taste is soft and delicate, delicious.

4. fish meat silk, how fish meat silk there is no fish, you this is false? Such a problem boss do not know how many times to listen to, in fact, this is the customer do not understand, fish meat silk with meat silk, carrot silk, wood ears, peppers, onions, ginger, garlic, sugar and water as raw materials.

5.squirrel fish, did not eat before the meal felt that today can eat a game, squirrel meat and fish to eat ah, think really happy, for many years did not eat game, and so on, I was surprised, said good game squirrel? The boss said that squirrelfish is to use a knife to change the shape of the fish, so it is called squirrelfish.

6.Wife cake, the boss gave me a wife cake, we have no wife cake, only wife, customers and the boss such dialogue often appear, think is also quite funny, wife cake is actually an ancient wife to go to war husband to do a snack, over time, wife cake has become synth for this snack, has been passed down to the present.

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