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There’s a lot of online dating software out there right now, like Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, OkCupid, Seeking Arrangement, and I’m not going to say that.

Today I’m going to say a small crowd software that my fans recommend to me.

They’ve added WhatsApp.

It looks like a good chat.

First of all, photos are the most important, good high-value photos are a hundred times more useful than you say.

The first thing you show people is your first photo and name and a lot of people just look at the first photo to decide whether they like it or not, so the first photo is extremely important. The first photo needs to show your entire face in full and clear, including your eyes (don’t wear sunglasses). Avoid group photo, no one else knows which one is you.

Photos should try to “unintentionally” show high value, do not deliberately run on the side of the luxury car to take photos, even if you are the owner of the car. It’s best that you ‘accidentally’ get caught on camera. Avoid trying hard. Having a photo with a pretty girl is a good idea to represent your market.

Introduce yourself:

Avoid tinge, be short and focused, leave room for imagination, and be humorous. Avoid writing about what you particularly hate and risk losing some girls as a result.


Girls reply to you slowly, you reply to her slowly, don’t reply quickly every time, very idle also pretend to be very busy. And avoid apparently sending more words than girls.

Don’t send some sexual stuff, there are a lot of creeps online, you can easily scare her away, meet and then be sexual also in time.

Don’t joke, typing is not like talking, no tone and tone, more easily misunderstood.

Remember to chat to the middle must video, photos may be fake, avoid meeting dissatisfied with each other’s looks.

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