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There was a girl named Sarah Riekert (March 3, 1902-July 22, 1967) who became a global sensation in the last century when the child of a former black slave became a millionaire. , known as “the richest black girl in the world.”

Racial discrimination in the United States was so severe at that time that even though civil war and civil rights fought for black rights, whites in society as a whole were still full of hatred and discrimination against blacks. Black people have no rights at all. Sarah was born in 1902 in Taft, a black town in eastern Oklahoma, and is a descendant of American Indian slaves, and under an 1866 treaty between the United States and five Native American tribes, free people would each receive 160 acres of land, including children. So her saga begins! The change that money brings begins!

Sarah received a piece of land worth $556.50, and her four siblings each acquired land. This is a mandatory step in the integration of Indian land with Oklahoma’s land, which formed what is now Oklahoma. But the best land was naturally reserved for the Crick tribe, and the land allocated to Sarah, located in Glenpur, was a very barren land that was not only unsuitable for farming but also 60 miles (96.56 kilometres) from where she lived. It’s embarrassing, the land can’t be grown, the family is more unlikely to move, and the trouble is that Salad has to pay $30 a year in property taxes on the land, which they simply can’t afford. In 1910, Sarah’s father, Joseph, applied to the Mascogi County Court for the sale of the land. But since the land was granted by a treaty between the federal government and the Crick tribe, it was not allowed to be sold. To pay for the $30 fee, joseph leased Sarah’s land to Standard Oil in 1911. In 1913, an oil driller discovered an oil well on Sarah’s land. In 1913, Standard Oil began drilling for oil, and her land produced 2,500 barrels of oil a day for $300 a day (about $7,500 today), and 11-year-old Sarah Laketon becoming rich overnight. About $112,000 a year (equivalent to $3 million today), you know, black people of that era earned only a few cents a day. In 1914, Sarah became Oklahoma’s highest income tax payer when she was 12. Money brings interesting stories! A huge number of suitors. Sarah Rekto’s story made headlines around the world. When news spread that a black girl in Oklahoma had a lot of oil to become a millionaire, men from all over the world began writing letters to pursue her. Thousands of people, including four young white Germans. The strange official identity of a white man. The government did not want to have such a large fortune from the descendants of black slaves. Under the law at the time, black children with large wealth had to be assigned a “respected” white guardian to their property.

The white-dominated United States was so disturbed by the wealth of this black girl that it made a ridiculous legal decision: the Oklahoma Legislature declared her white and allowed her to enjoy first-class white privileges on the railroad. It seems that money can even change the colour of the skin.

The story of a night of wealth scares white Americans, as the Chicago Post-Guardian reports that “white people have been so shocked by this young girl’s enormous wealth” that they declared her white. “Despite all the characteristics of being black, she has so much money that she can only be white.” “It’s an old idea of white people, and every time a black person achieves anything in the scientific or literary world, some white people want to declare them white.” Sarah lived a comfortable life, enjoying her wealth and buying a range of luxury cars such as a Cadillac and Rolls-Royce in her car. As an American author wrote: Money trumps race, how can black people be so rich, and if you’re so rich, you must be white. Money can change the colour of your skin.

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