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This is a screenshot of restaurant surveillance.

On July 04, a meal in Shenzhen, a man Zhao Nanxi took advantage of the woman’s departure, to the woman (sponge) water cup to add unknown powder, was found by the shop assistant.

The clerk cleverly took away the glass as evidence to help renew it.

The clerk reminded the sponge returning from the toilet, sponge after the shock, choose to go out of the mall alone after the alarm.

After the store manager understood the matter, he sent the clerk to follow the sponge to protect his personal safety.

The police told the sponge not to scare the snake with grass and to gather as much evidence as possible.

The thing was blown up on Weibo by a sponge friend.

Man Zhao Nanxi explained to sponge that the drug is an aphrodisiac, said it is sponge good-looking, wants to have a close relationship with her. And think of Shenzhen to find Sponge, willing to make compensation, let it delete the microblog, put him a horse, was rejected by Sponge.

Weibo sent out, there are many Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications girls who said they were confused by Zhao Nanxi’s sweet words, by its deception.

On July 14, Zhao Nanxi explained that he was just a prankster, a joke and had no intention of raping Spongebob.

On the evening of July 14, the Futian Branch of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau detained Zhao Nancy for the crime of rape under Article 236 of the Criminal Law.

Everyone must protect themselves when they go out, and some bad people are the people around you.

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