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1. Youth is not capital, health is.

2. Don’t be misled by this phrase (which will cost money to make money) and make unbridled consumption. Stay away from credit cards, online loans, these early consumption, will not fall into the debt crisis.

3. It’s not too late to start at any time, age is not a problem.

4. Don’t let work take up all your time and energy, except for work, and leave some time for yourself to think, study, live, and work out.

5. Don’t set limits on yourself and give up without starting.

6. In the event of a problem, the first thing to think about is a solution rather than a shirking of responsibility or complaint.

7. Don’t always complain about your hardships and difficulties, no one wants to hear your negative emotions.

8. Don’t compare your shortcomings to the strengths of others.

9. When angry, hold back and say what hurts the other person.

10. Accept your imperfections and recognize yourself to live a better life.

11. The adult world is very busy, and no one has too much time and energy to pay attention to you. Nervous, ugly need not care, no one will remember.

12. When you do something with a goal, you have a better chance of success.

13. It’s best not to say anything until you’ve done something about yourself. If you can’t do it in the end, it’s just a joke.

14. Other people’s emotional lives should not be easily involved.

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