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On June 9, Ms. Wang and her husband, from Jiangsu Province, visited Pha Daem National Park in Owen Province, Thailand. After that, Ms. Wang, who was three months pregnant, fell from a 34-meter-high cliff and miraculously made a living.

Ms. Wang woke up and told police that her husband pushed her off the cliff that day. At the time of the incident, her husband suddenly hugged her from behind and kissed her on the right face. Then pushed her hard from behind with both hands and pushed her off the cliff.

To protect herself, Ms. Wang’s husband also went to the hospital and threatened to threaten her not to tell the truth, or else he would continue to hurt her and the baby in her stomach. It is understood that at the point of the cliff fall, rescue workers found Ms. Wang, the scene of the inquiry, Ms. Wang said her fall “was an accident.” At the hospital, when she met her husband, she asked, “Why do you do this to me?” Before the disaster, Ms. Wang and her husband had been in Thailand for 11 days. She said her husband had always had a severe fear of heights, but on this trip, he always liked to take her to some deserted hills.

For ten days, her husband took her to a dozen cliff-like places. However, Ms. Wang never saw a problem, much less thought her husband would want to kill her. It was not until the moment of the cliff fall that Ms. Wang suddenly woke up, but it was too late! At the time of the incident, Ms. Wang was 3 months pregnant, although seriously injured, the baby in her stomach was safe, which made Ms. Wang feel very comforting, she has been trying to save the child. But during the follow-up treatment, too many drugs and various radioactive rays were used, Andy Wang told Red Star News that at five months of fetal imaging, the child was found to have a problem.

“The child’s hands and feet were blurred, and the doctor told me that when the fetus was three or four months old, it was the brain development stage, and during that time I used a lot of drugs that affected the brain development of the fetus, which could affect the child’s intelligence, and so on.” Ms. Wang said that not only did the fetus itself have problems when his body had multiple crushing fractures, the body was very weak, the indicator data are not normal, doctors think that such physical quality, is not suitable for the birth of children, “the child 5 and a half months when the introduction of the child.”

Finally, on March 24, the case of a pregnant Chinese woman who fell off a cliff in Thailand was convicted of attempted murder in a court in Owen Province, Thailand, and sentenced to life imprisonment and life imprisonment at first instance.

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