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1,.This gruesome photograph was taken in the mid-1990s while visiting a cave in Ras al-Khaimah, one of the United Arab States. So far, both men have vowed that what they see is not a human, but a terrible alien creature.

2.This seemingly nothing photo has a scary thing in the background. If you look close, a man is floating on the left side of the photo. Is this person a ghost, or is it just an illusion, or is it just a stain on the camera lens?

3. In this photo, you can see a woman hanging from the wall of the new World Trade Center on 911 and waving for help. The strangest thing is that she’s alive, and no one knows how she escaped from the new World Trade Center without dying.

4,.Peter Berthelot took a picture of his wife at the church, but when the negatives came out, he found a ghost-like people standing behind his wife. Legend has it that the ghost is called “White Lady” and the woman in the photo has said she believes it was the white ghost who cured her.

5.1959, a woman and her husband went to worship their mother, the trend took a picture of her husband sitting in the car. When the negatives were washed out, she found a fuzzy figure sitting in the back seat of the car, which she later said must be the soul of her mother.

6.A couple went to Colorado to play and took some pictures. When they zoomed in on the photo, they found a strange man ambushed in the distance. The couple said they were the only ones present at the time, and could not explain who the man was in the background.

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