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1. To understand a person, observe his/her parents of the opposite sex.

A person’s ability to love comes from parents of the opposite sex, and discipline comes from same-sex parents.

2. Don’t make any decisions when you’re in tears, the less you talk when your emotions are negative, the better.

3. When a person agrees to your first request, there is a good chance that they will agree to the second.

4. Curiosity can dispel fear.

5. You won’t be depressed when you run.

6. Letting go will only make things worse.

7. To meet each other’s needs in the first place, you can harvest good interpersonal, cooperative relations.

8. The vast majority of people are unconfident, have a fragile self-esteem, perceive to take advantage of this, do nothing, give them a smile from the heart, can give themselves a score.

9. Crying children have sugar to eat. If a person is not good at expressing himself, he will be ignored.

10. When two people eat together, if you want to know if the other person has a potential affection for you (friendship and love apply), pick up a cup and take a sip of water. If the other person also subconsciously picks up his glass and drinks water, he or she is more likely to have a potential interest in you.

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