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1.For girls, it doesn’t feel so good to have sex.
2.Dododon’t tell us logic when you quarrel. We only care about your attitude and tone.
3.I went to the toilet to amplify the music because I didn’t want you to hear it.
4. Girls say break-up is not really want to break up, is to hope you stay.
5. During the menstrual period will really be inextable angry.
6.What we need is a sense of security, not a condom.
7. We asked your ex-girlfriend if it was a fake to say I wouldn’t get angry.
8.We like you very much to show me off to others.
9. You see beautiful girls on the road, we’ll really get angry.
10. Actually, I can unscrew the cap, just want to be weak in front of you.
11. I wear a hat because my hair is oily.

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