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1 Read more books, exercise more, stay up less late. It’s a good habit you can keep for the best of your life.

2. Keep learning new knowledge and try to improve your abilities.

3. Regularly clean up useless items and classify items in need. Learn to live a simple life.

4. Keep thinking independently.

5. Don’t envy others, and don’t compare them with others.

6. When you meet for the first time, remembering someone’s name will make a good impression on others.

7. Home more commonly used drugs, oils, thermometers and so on.

8. Record your own time spent.

9. Exercise every day or regularly.

10. Care less about the views of others.

11. Make a plan for yourself. One small plan a year, one big plan in three years.

12. Learn to save money.

13. Waking up in the morning, don’t start brushing your phone as soon as you open your eyes, do exercise first, not only to relieve sleep fatigue but also to quickly adjust to optimal condition.

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