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1. A thief turned into a resident’s home and prepared to steal, to prevent traces, so put on gloves, take off his shoes, and soon the owner came back. The thief immediately got under the bed because the thief’s feet were so smelly! Discovered by the owner! At present, the thief has been captured by the public security police!

When the police questioned him, unable to stand the smell of his feet, they found two plastic bags to wrap his feet.

2. A 80-year-old elderly couple was stabbed to death and injured in an apartment in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Shockingly, the police caught the suspect the next day, it turned out to be the old man’s grandson! And his motive is even more shocking.

“I wanted to kill my classmates, but I was afraid of adding trouble to my family, so I wanted to kill my family first.”

3.Prosecutor: Why do you use drugs?

Suspect: Because I’m divorced.

Prosecutor: Is divorce related to drug use?

Female Suspect: Which one do you think is more terrible, empty and drug-taking?

Prosecutor: Well… (It’s hard to answer)

4.Prosecutor: Why prostitution?

Female suspect: Because there is no money.

Prosecutor: Why not get a regular job?

Female suspects: regular work, do not earn money.

Prosecutor: Does your husband know you’re in prostitution?

Female Suspect: I know.

Prosecutor: Didn’t he object?

Female suspect: He said that the soul is more important than the body.

Prosecutor: Well…

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