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1. When people are most vulnerable, they often appear at night.

2. A person has a zero IQ when he is angry and learns to be silent for 12 seconds.

3. When you can’t find anything, try looking from right to left.

4. Cafes and restaurants are more likely to negotiate successfully.

5. The brain likes to watch videos> to see pictures> to read words because words need to make the brain think and function, processing consumption to understand information. So when writing or presenting reports, be sure to intersperse essays with diagrams to reduce the difficulty of reading in other people’s brains and increase the amount of information absorbed.

6. Hugs are the best healing medicine.

7. The most resistance at the beginning of anything, the easier it is.

8. Emotions do not affect the way we communicate. But the way we communicate has an emotional impact.

9. Antidote to procrastination: Do it for 5 minutes.

10. When boasting, grasp the key boast.

11. In the case of mutual feelings, if you want to deepen the relationship, you will appear more in front of him.

12. The more you care about one thing, the more you make a mistake.

13. People who stay up late are more likely to get fat.

14. People like to get along with people who are similar to themselves.

15.The good news separately say, then a one-time said, will make people happier;

It’s easier to say bad news at once than to say separately many times to reduce psychological blows and the number of losses.

16. In the event of danger, only one person is asked for help. This is the most life-saving practical psychological knowledge, but I hope you will never use it.

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