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1. People who like to brag.

2. People who are very negative every day.

3. People who owe money and don’t pay it back.

4. The person who treats you as a friend on the surface and hurts you on the back.

5. People who look down on you.

6. Very greedy people.

7. A person who is not filial to his or her parents.

8. Persons who break the law.

9. Take advantage of your people.

10. Talk about others in front of you, or you may talk about you in front of others.

11. People who like to drink, gamble, and abuse.

12. A person who always denies others.

13. A person who quarrels with strangers on the Internet.

14. People who always make fun of your shortcomings.

15. People who go out together and play are always the ones who spoil the atmosphere.

16. Selfish people who think only for themselves.

17. Freeloader.

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