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“Uncle Ramons, come and help!” A seven-year-old blond boy’s head was stuck in a guardrail, without half a shame or panic, and with an innocent smile he said, “I’m stuck again.” ”

Yes, it’s “again” stuck, and Ramons feels like he’s going to crash, and this isn’t the first kid stuck in his home’s burglar railings, and it won’t be the last.

In the window to add guardrails is to stay away from those noisy bear children, but contrary to expectations, guardrails have become bear children play toys, but also the beginning of his nightmare.

The metal-made fences are like a sticky rat board, and almost every two or three days, a few plotted children are “glued” to it, which the children regard as some kind of trial.

In fact, it’s not just railings, children can find gaps in all shapes and always stick their heads in. It’s become some kind of talent for them.

This is a brave boy.

I want to know if he can breathe.

He also a troublemaker.

His father couldn’t help laughing.

Look, his father can open it for her.

Fortunately, the neck stuck saved her life.

Not just children, but adults try.

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