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1. When you feel that someone is looking at you and not sure if he is looking at you, look up at the ceiling or the sky, as if something had dropped from the ceiling when it suddenly rained in the sky.

If he’s looking at you, he’ll subconsciously do the same thing, after all, everyone’s going to worry about something falling off and hitting his head.

2. When you get into a crowded crowd, don’t look around, just stare at the direction you’re going, and you’ll find that there’s always a path in front of you.

3. If the car in front of you looks like Grandpa is driving, you can’t wait to get out of the car and kick him to death. Well, imagine if he were really your grandpa, and then your anger was so unknowingly gone.

Because you suddenly have a sense of commonality and understanding in this illusion.

4. We all know that emotions affect our behavior, but many people don’t know that behavior can affect our emotions in turn.

If you feel very sad, look up chest, sit up straight, the body’s hormone secretion will increase, the mood will be better.

5. If someone wants to borrow your pen, you can take off the cap and lend it to him.

A pen without a cap is not convenient to carry and use, which will give him the power to return it to you.

6, if you ask the other side a question, the other side only answered half, this time you do not rush to open the mouth, you do not look at him, calmly waiting for him to continue to say, after a few seconds he will to say, because no one wants to 陥 into the long silence and embarrassment.

7, when shopping, do not calculate which is more cost-effective, but to analyze whether this commodity is really useful to themselves.

8, if you want to make the other side feel uncomfortable, look at his forehead to speak, the other side will feel that they are being judged, nervous tight period.

9, just entered a new environment, if you want to make people feel a little good about you, you can ask them some questions, even if you already know the answer, they will feel that they have helped you, increase the good feelings for you.

10, imitate the other person’s action, or repeat the other person’s words, will make the other person feel good about you.

11. When asking for help, don’t just stress your difficulties, but give them more reasons to help you, such as inviting him to dinner.

12. If you want to make a statement, be sure to choose to evening, because people tend to dominate their activities at night according to their own will, the feelings are the most abundant, psychological defense will be reduced.

If you want to impress a person, then go with her to stimulate the occasion, bungee jumping or bungee jumping, will let her feel stimulated with you.

If you want to propose to someone, or stabilize your relationship, you can take her to a candlelit dinner, or take her to see the fireworks, and the light in the shadows will make you feel warm, so that she can connect the feeling of warmth with you.

13. Most of the time, people communicate with each other, not to remember what the other person said, but to remember how the other person feels about themselves.

Almost everyone likes to talk about their own affairs, so, more questions, more listening.

14. If you want to get closer to a person and make him feel good about you, you can try to ask him to help you, and then to him after the moment.

The people who have helped you are more reliable than the people you have helped, and that’s the Franklin effect.

15. The best way to attract a man is to make him feel hopeful that he has not been able to get it, and the opposite is to make her feel satisfied all the time, and there is more room for fantasy.

16, Anxiety, clean up the home, look at the clean and tidy results, the mood is unconsciously good.

17. If you want to remember a very long thing, you need to block it, a small block does not exceed 4 content, so that you can remember faster.

18. If you’re going to perform or give a speech in a strange environment, you can come to the scene a little earlier, so that you feel that the environment is relatively familiar and you won’t be so nervous at first.

19. When arranging a job, if you very much want the other person to take it seriously, you can pretend to question his ability, when a person is questioned, he has a strong desire to do well.

20. If you can’t convince the other person, you can find someone who admires him more than the other person to convince him, even if the person has nothing to do with it.

People tend to think that people who are good in one area are good in others.

21. If you want your child to drink milk instead of carbonate, ask him if he wants yogurt or pure milk.

This gave him a choice, but removed the carbonated beverage option from the option.

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