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For girls:

1, appearance is easy to die, character long-term, character must be placed in the first place.

2, capable, forward-hearted boys, will not let life be too bad.

3, best of all, he loves you more, you worship him more.

4, similar growth environment and background, determine your views and views.

5, life he is a persistent, persistent person, in love with the same.

6, Boys who have their own ideas., will give you rational, mature love.

7, the boy’s Facebook, is a small microcosm of his own.

8, responsible boy, will carry the wind and rain of life for you.

9. Observe his family and his relationship with his parents.

10, have the same hobbies, common topics.

11, he will tolerate your shortcomings, bear to let you.

12. He has bad habits that you can’t accept, and if so, give up decisively.

13, ask yourself more about your http://heart.Is it comfortable to be with the other person?

14. Think about old age, whether you are willing to choose him.

15. Whether there is a tendency to violence (physical violence, language violence)

16. Finally, and most directly, look at the smile on your face, and with him, is there more tears or more laughter? In fact, it is the most direct answer.

For boys:

1. As a boy, you have to have economic strength and social status. This is important.

2. You can be temporarily poor and girls don’t mind, but you have to let the other person see your potential.

3. Maybe you’re not very handsome, but going to exercise and fitness will make you more attractive.

4. Funny and humorous boys are always more popular with girls.

5. A successful man has the charm of a leader.

6. A very important point of male charm is determination and courage.

7. It depends on the boy’s social skills.

8. How about a man? to see his social circle.

9. In long-term relationships, pay attention to your distance between the opposite sex, and if you like her very much, it’s best not to get too close to other girls.

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