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1. If you don’t want to make a call but may later need to prove that you, in fact, did make a call but they didn’t pick up, turn airplane mode on and make a call.

2. If your work has a tip jar, put a bunch of your own cash in it at the beginning of your shift. This pressures people to tip you and you’ll make a considerable amount more.

3. Hate your siblings? Buy their kids the loudest most obnoxious toys possible.

4. If you see something you really want on Craigslist and it might get sold quickly, save the number and report the ad so it gets taken down and the pool of offers ends with you.

5. Post your apartment online for rent and pretend you’re the property manager. After you collect $50 application fees, just send everyone denial letters.

6. Can’t remember how much you quoted a customer for a job? Invoice them 5x what you think it was. They will either pay or call you up with the proper amount and you can claim a billing mistake.

7. If you own a household item that you cannot afford to get repaired keep it in your car. If you are ever in an accident that isn’t your fault you can claim it broke during the collision and get the repair paid for in the insurance claim.

8. Leave negative reviews for your gym to deter people from joining and overcrowding the place.

9.Run a cheap fitness card at the gym and take a free hot bath for a long time.

10. Need to throw away bulky items or some shady things? Find the nearest apartment complex near you and use their dumpsters.

11.When you have no money and are hungry, go to a nearby supermarket to try it out and make sure you have enough.

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