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College graduates because of blind weight loss, resulting in more than three months did not come to menstrual, to see Chinese medicine, to open a lot of Chinese medicine, and gave a list, noting that some things can not eat, otherwise affect the effectiveness of medicine.

After two days, my boyfriend and I went to dinner, ordering, my boyfriend took out a piece of paper from his pocket, while looking at the paper side to the menu. I said, what are you doing? Don’t order?

I grabbed the paper and looked at it.Take the paper and look at it, it’s the list of foods I can’t eat.I threw it away after I had finished taking the medicine, and I didn’t expect my boyfriend to keep it. Also told me to be sure to follow the requirements of the list, can not eat this one.

At that moment, suddenly realized that someone cares more about themselves than I do, very moved. Haha, he’s my first boyfriend.

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