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The aggrieved teacher proved his innocence by committing suicide.

Zhou Anyuan once told his family the

day before he left home, “Losing money means I’m wrong, but I’m not wrong.” “

On the morning of June 19, a boy an

d a girl had a fight over a pencil in class three math classes in the fifth grade of the Central School. Zhou Anyuan came forward to stop, but the boy was so emotional that he held the boy’s neck by the hand and controlled it in his seat, leaving a thumbp

rint on the boy’s neck. When the child came home, he said he had been beaten by his teacher, and the parents took the child to the hospital for examination. The next day, the boy’s mother and grandmother and other relatives to the school to find Zhou An staff to claim, there was a conflict.

The parents asked Zhou Anyuan to apologize in class and pay for the child’s examination. The school refused a request for an apology from the teacher, but the cost of the inspection could be negotiated. Because the school handling opinion parents do not accept, and then Zhou Anyuan telephone alarm. Police arrived at the scene, after coordination put forward preliminary mediation opinions: Zhou Anyuan teacher to maintain normal teaching order is right, in the class to apologize to students request is not accepted, inspection fees by the two sides to coordinate the solution, the two sides on the spot no objection. But after the police left, the parents again to the school, asked Zhou Anyuan in the class to apologize to the students. ”

The boy’s parents and the school has not been reconciled because of the final exam, the school to parents to do ideological work, let the child to the school examination, but the parents do not rest assured that the child, proposed to accompany him to the school, the school also agreed to the parents’ request. Zhou Anyuan said that when students final exams, parents have been around the classroom, affecting the normal students test, the final results down, Zhou Anyuan’s class test grade penultimate.

Before the incident, Zhou Anyuan said that he may never be a teacher again, his wife comforted him, “you just have a chance to do other careers.” ”

Until later, Zhou Anyuan lost contact, the family looked at his computer, his wife only understood that Zhou Anyuan is inseparable from the profession of teachers, because he loves this profession too much. “His computer is full of all the teaching programs he’s been teaching since. Many teachers have taught for so many years that they will not seriously prepare lessons to write lessons, but he writes them carefully in every class. ”

But unfortunately, the deceased’s family in addition to grief, there is no capital to arouse public opinion concern, parents of students may not be guilty of self-blame, this kind of social news is not a pop, things soon no follow-up reports.

If it wasn’t for the good temperament of the picture the teacher left behind in his life, looking like a man of integrity, perhaps I would soon forget about the news.

What’s worse, the dead man can’t speak, and he doesn’t have the right to fame, but instead makes it easier for the enemy to continue pouring dirty water after his death. Years later, no one could say whether the suicide victim committed suicide in order to prove his innocence, or whether he or she committed suicide by corporal punishment of the students.

In the age of information-asymmetric networks, don’t die in front of your enemies.

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