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That it will be high three just finished the exam. My classmate’s girlfriend is with the other boys (Tom) and wants to break up with my classmates. My classmates can’t keep it. My classmate going to ask Tom out for talk. The man looks stronger, but belongs to the more timid kind of person. He knew that my classmates had learned nothing but fights at school, so he thought he was going to be asked to teach him a lesson. In fact, my classmates did not have that intention at that time, just want to bless them. To that day Tom informed my classmates to go to school after the mountain to talk, I idle nothing to go with my classmates.

As soon as I arrived at the back of the mountain, I found tom called a dozen people waiting there, my classmates and I were confused, this is to fight the scene ah. Just then, another path came more than a dozen people, armed. I thought it was my classmate who shouted, casually said “here.” When the men came up, they went straight into a fight with a dozen people over there. My classmate pulled me to the side of the path, only to see tom desperately shouting “don’t fight, are their own people”. I only then suddenly realized that Tom took two groups of people ready to hit us, the key is that these two groups do not know each other, their own internal fight. Someone else was hurt and didn’t know each other. After the police station found us two to understand the situation, heard that the fight is quite serious, there are broken arms, there are broken legs. Tom and the police station said it was our trouble, and let my classmates pay for the medical expenses.. My classmate said, this is nothing to do with us ah, he himself is a fool, took two groups of people themselves can not tell the fight, we did not do. When the police got to know the situation,the two policemen laughed, and then they let us go, and we went on to live a happy life.

It’s the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

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