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1. Force all staff to do morning exercises in the office.

All employees need to arrive at the office half an hour in advance for one morning exercise! During morning exercises, there will be HR to attendance, late or for no reason not to participate in the money withholding.

Is this going to get everyone to go to the gymnastics competition?

2. Set the time to go to the toilet.

The company stipulated that the toilet time should not exceed 8 minutes, not more than 4 times a day.

It seems that in the future to solve the physiological needs before dare to come to work.

3. Force forwarding of the boss’s various social dynamics.

The company has an unwritten rule that requires employees to comment and forward their boss’s social developments every day, and private accounts can’t block the boss.

Don’t want to ignore, the boss every day in check, a day did not send his dynamic, the next day at work early meeting, the boss in front of the whole company criticized.

Excuse me, does the boss want to be a star?

4. Buying an iPhone is unpatriotic.

Where our employees are strictly prohibited to buy and use the iPhone , once found violators, directly to the company for resignation procedures.

5. The worst performance to perform to eat mustard.

In order to motivate employees’ sales performance, the company requires the bottom-ranked sales to perform mustard every month.

6. Female staff under the age of 30 are infertile.

This is so unreasonable.The law clearly states reproductive rights are the legal rights of every woman.

7. Nail polish is not allowed.

Professional women in the company are prohibited from applying nails and, if found, will be dismissed.

Does making a manicure affect the company’s image?

8. Overtime is not paid.

I believe this is the status quo for most people, including myself. It’s too bullying.

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