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1. People with higher IQs are less likely to be happy because they are too smart to be depressed. People around you don’t know themselves, they’re lonely.

2. Prone to self – criticism. Smart people can often see through themselves. They often recall bad things they did before and start criticizing themselves.

3. The mentality is easily unbalanced and can’t find happiness in small things. Even the simplest things they always overanalyt.

4. It is easy to see the facts at a glance. Smart people know that there is no so-called correct answer, this is not a fair world, each of us in life has its own troubles, smart people will be more likely to see these.

5. Get into anxiety. The more intelligent people know, the more they know.

6. More likely to be depressed. Smart people are so demanding of things that they get frustrated if they don’t meet them.

7. Smart people usually think well, but they will encounter difficulties in practice and will be extremely disappointed.

8. Smart people can see things better and farther away, and they can’t live ordinary lives. So their minds are eager to find idealism. But it doesn’t.

9. Smart people are often not understood, and most smart people find it difficult to find people who resonate with them. It is very painful for everyone to be understood and accepted without being understood.

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