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1, when a person, after drinking, and you chat, has been shaking legs, indicating that he is very happy.

2, the man told you like the plain-faced girl, don’t really think he likes all the girls’ plain-looking, he only likes the good-looking girl’s plain-looking.

3, thank you often hang in the mouth of people, generally have a grateful heart.

4, judge a person’s character, depends on his lowest point, see his attitude towards some labor practitioners, will not respect the labor of others. For example, cleaner, waiter.

5, like to smile people, luck will not be too bad.

6, like a person, mouth can not say, action can not show, but the eyes can not hide.

7, usually do not lose his temper, may not be really good-tempered, do not touch his bottom line, otherwise he is more terrible than the people who often lose their temper.

8, If you have a sympathetic heart, you can gain good popularity.

9, encourage others more, praise others, generally very popular with others.

10, in the chat with others, say more “you”, less use of “I” people, the general chat is particularly good.

11. Don’t underestimate a man who has been making progress in silence, for one day he will surprise everyone.

12, touch the ear of the small action, indicating that the other side is very interested in the topic you say.

13, when the other side has no intention of making the action of spitting tongue, indicating that the other side has a lucky heart.

14, when people lie, they pull their collars, and studies have shown that lying can cause itchy sensations in sensitive neck nerves.

15, often like to say casual people, on behalf of very no opinion.

16, confident people, the rhythm of speech for the positive tone. A person with insufficient self-confidence, or a weak personality, is not sure enough.

17,Someone is well-dressed and has a strong desire for self-expression.

18. Women who like masculine purses are strong, aggressive, capable and tend to be extroverted.

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