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1. When someone see your first sight, she / he pupil suddenly enlarged, either by your appearance beautiful, or by your appearance scared.

2. In the eyes of most girls, handsome called seduction, not handsome is sexual resistance.

3.When a person said panic, he will escape your eyes, but also unconsciously touch the nose.

4.If a person usually speaks at a slow speed, and at this time the speed of speech suddenly accelerated, indicating that his current state of mind is a little uneasy and nervous.

Social psychologists have found a phenomenon: a man who, after going out on the rails, thinks he might be sorry for his wife, often suddenly says a lot to her.

5.Often say “this is my friend, that is my friend” people, their own no ability, so need to say that their friends a lot, to improve their value.

6. If a person often say at how good he used to be, he may not be doing well now.

7. When two people are whispering, you walk past, they were startled by you, the big probability is to say bad something.

8. People who are too messy on Facebook are disorganized.

9. People who walk fast and have large steps are generally acute; people who walk slowly and always like to walk in the corner are have low self-esteem; and people who like to put their hands in their trouser pockets want to attract attention.

10.Sit down when the two knees close together, often more introverted, habits will be the foot neurotic constantly moving, forward stretch, raised people, more like to attract attention.

11.After dinner, from the leftovers can be seen a person’s character, eat a mess of people, cheerful personality. People with clean dishes, do things have a plan. ; neatly leave food people, care about people’s views, very strict with their own.

12. People who can control their emotions before they get drunk are often better than others. Drunk after shouting, sudden anger and home is the person, often more dangerous, it is best to hurry away.

13. Boys who never smoke in public think about everything for others.

14. In the crowded bus, take the initiative to give up their seats to the elderly, the sick and disabled and pregnant women, the heart is usually kindly.

16. A boy is willing to let you touch your head, he is 80% of you have a good feeling.

17. Good-spoken people are usually familiar with human nature, they cowardly use human nature to achieve their own goals, and such people are easy to use.

18. A girl is willing to let you touch her waist and head, with a good chance of further developing the relationship.

19. When talking to someone, if they look at their cell phones a lot, look at you again, indicating that he is not interested in what you say.

20. See a good answer, immediately upvote, follow and comment, after doing so, quora will push you a better psychological return.

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