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About kissing.

the most romantic way.

Do you know?

Look here.

1 Peck

A feeling of wanting to be close but not too close,

Water-like kiss, action must be fast, suitable for couples in the early stages of love.

2, suck the kiss.

Pay attention to the strength of sucking,

With the strength to leaves a trail easily.

3, bite the kiss.

One side bites the other’s lips with its teeth,

But don’t try too hard.

4, lick the kiss.

Shake the other side’s lips with your tongue.

This usually can be eaten by what lollipops, ice lollies and so on, practice more.

5, tongue kiss.

Use your lips to suck your other half’s tongue,

The action should be gentle and elegant.

6, push the kiss.

It’s pushing each other’s tongues.

7, gum kiss.

It’s to use your tongue to dump the other side’s teeth and gums.

The movement should be slow and gentle.

It is important to check before kissing and gargle your mouth.

8, slide kiss.

Use the tip of your tongue to lick outwards from the root of your other half’s tongue,

Then rub it outwards and inwards.

9, entangled kiss.

The tongues of both sides circle the mouth.

Rhythmic licking of the tip of the other half’s tongue.

But time should not be too long, mouth will be tired, jaw will feel sore.

10, eat kiss.

Comparing the image of the statement,

Is that you take each other’s tongue as your favorite food.

Can gnaw, swallow, suck.

11, passionate kiss.

Roll your other half’s tongue with your own tongue bag,

And can be flipped up and down left and right.

You haven’t tried this, you embarrassed to say you have an lover.

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