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1. Will petite sell cute, you shy and good-behaved look, will let him double pet love you.

2. Relationship how to play can, but pay attention, don’t be in the age of children, take on the responsibility of mom and dad.

3. A man who really likes you will plan you into his future. As soon as you talk about the future, it’s vague.Either he hasn’t grown up yet, or he won’t have you in the future.

4.Boys in love need to be taught, and if you want to make him better, give him more positive hints.

5.Love can be early, but marriage can be appropriately delayed, you are still so young, should not spend a lot of time on child care.

6. Boys like you, even if you sneeze, are worried for half a day;

7. Learn to manage money and save money, have your own small vault.

Falling in love is very costly, buying gifts, dating and eating. Not only boys, but girls are also under a lot of financial pressure.

8. Before marriage, it is best to talk about 1-2 periods of love, love like wearing shoes, really tried to know that it is not suitable.

9. Love a person, not desperately give him what he likes, but see what he likes and needs. For example, he loves apples, but you buy him pears, and blames him for not eating them.

10. Don’t believe too much in his love for you, life’s cheating, more common than movies.

11. The role of love is to make people feel happy, happy, positive, if a relationship makes you more and more inferior, negative, sensitive, then end early, change can make you more confident, happy, excellent boy.

12. Occasionally make a meal, cook a soup for him, he will be very moved, feel that he found a gentle and intimate girlfriend.

13. When your boyfriend tells you that he has accomplished a difficult thing, don’t say, “Yes, I don’t understand this”, you can say, “Although I don’t quite understand, but I still think you are good”, he will be happier and love you more, think you admire him.

14. Want to know if he is tired, mainly look at two points, one is not concerned about your mood, the other is your attitude, is serious or perfunctory.

15. To judge whether he really likes you or not depends on whether he is willing to give you his scarcest things. Ming Ming income is not high, but also willing to buy you small gifts from time to time, or, clearly tired to the bed to sleep, but also willing to help you blow your hair.

16. Remember, if you always quarrel after falling in love, then you quarrel not with the fight itself, but with cognitive and communication biases.

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