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From the first year of high school, I still keep the habit of living alone. It gives me a lot of freedom and space.

This is the room I live in now. A small house is very clean. I like it very much. I cleaned up a little bit myself.

Bed, wardrobe




I have a cat. Many moments, it makes me feel less lonely living alone.A lot of times it’s cute.

I often cook on weekends, which is my biggest pastime.

salmon bone


Melaleuca duriangensis

The refrigerator will prepare a lot of food materials, when you want to eat, whether it is day or night.

A lot of what you want to eat will also try to make it at home.Lying on the sofa, watching a movie while eating their own food, very satisfied.

Sauteed Crab

Spicy Sauceroast chiken

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