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1. Most people don’t want you to live better than him. Some of your relatives and friends just want to see your jokes, but when you succeed, they will come to you like a pug for good.

2. 99% of women want to find a boyfriend with high appearance, good figure and rich family, but it’s a pity that most of the girls are not rich and handsome. Men are the same.

3. There is no big difference between men and women in the matter of lust. Boys talk about how hard a beautiful woman is in the dorm, and girls are crazy about the 8-point handsome guy on the street.

4. Most people have weak willpower and lack of patience.

5. The influence of the original family on a person is much greater than imagined, especially the personality and consumption habits. Everyone has the shadow of parents, whether it is good or bad.

6. The reason why the rich look good is 80% because they have money and resources, and 20% because they are good at packaging themselves,

7. Don’t take it too hard. Try to live anyway. If you die, you will have nothing.

8.The people who finally achieved the leap of social stratum have basically paid 200% of their efforts and huge invisible sacrifice from outsiders.

9.After the age of 18, we are more and more far away from our parents. If they are free, call their parents at least once a month, even if it is only five minutes, they will be very happy.

10. Don’t break up easily, because once you say it, it may mean that you and the person in front of you will never see each other again. Life is not an idol drama. You think you may be reunited, but in fact, you will only be separated completely like two straight lines, never to be seen again.

11. Couples who have a harmonious sexual life are not easy to divorce. When you lose your passion after marriage, you should have sex regularly and try some new tricks. If you love a person, you have the obligation to satisfy him in bed.

12.Spending money is not necessarily consumerism. You can save, but you also have to learn how to spend money and spend it where you need it. If a person can only save money and not spend money, then such a life will not be happy.

13. There is no real friend in the workplace. Go to the company to work, is to make money, not to make friends. Deal with the relationship between colleagues, superiors and subordinates, try not to be humble or arrogant, be polite, keep a certain distance from colleagues, do not disclose too much personal privacy, and don’t speak ill of the boss in front of colleagues.

14. Pay attention to health, sit in front of the computer for a long time, exercise your cervical spine, and eat less high calorie junk food when you stay up late.

15. Pay attention to your appearance. Most people are not bad in appearance, but they are always reluctant to tidy up. Boys do a good job in facial cleaning, regular hair care, pay wages, spend 1 / 5 of the monthly money to buy their own clothes.

16. Reading is the fastest way to improve one’s thinking ability, but don’t think reading is omnipotent. After reading books, you must practice more and improve yourself repeatedly in practice.

17. Life is a process of constant mediocrity. 80% of people can’t achieve financial freedom and love freedom in their whole life, no matter how hard they try.

18. Lack of security and worry about the future, just because you make too little money now, and are not sure whether you can be rich or not in the future. Setting a goal for yourself can be to buy a house or a car, which may be more motivating.

19. There is no pure friendship between men and women. The uglier the relationship is, the purer the relationship is.

20. If a person hates you, it may not be because you did something wrong, but because you touched his interests.

21. Most people are lying when they say they are not cheating. Only in the face of countless temptations, but not wavering, is worthy of admiration; a person who has not seen temptation tends to overestimate his bottom line.

22. If the boss criticizes you in front of all the people, he must be offended by you and don’t listen to his nonsense there; but if he criticizes you in person, he must listen carefully, because it is the performance of valuing you, caring for you and trying to cultivate you.

23. The world has never been equal. Some people were born in Rome, others were born in garbage, but compared with those born in Rome, those who got up from the garbage and walked all the way to Rome are more admirable.

24.People who say they have high EQ generally have low EQ and low IQ.

25. People who have perseverance in doing things and persist to the end are more likely to succeed in career and love in life, just like you who gave me some praise here.

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