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1. The story of a squirrel’s grace

In 2009, the Brantley Harrison family rescued an injured squirrel that was injured by an owl and looked weak. The family named it and took good care of it for five months.

As its body gradually recovered, they put it back into the wild. However, the little squirrel did not forget the family. For the past eight years, it has visited them every day.

2. A goose

After Richard Weeze saved a swan stuck in the fence, he hugged him by his neck and tried to say thank you.

3. Granny and deer

In a small Norwegian village, a deer and an old woman have a special friendship. Granny feeds the deer every day, and the people in the village gradually get to know her good friend, so when the hunters see it, they will show mercy to her men.

Deer seems to understand the granny’s kindness to herself, twice a day will appear in front of the grandmother’s window, if she has not woken up, she is quietly waiting in the window. Sometimes, it sleeps next to her house.

4. The kiss of baby fawns

Amscolie lives near a wooded area, which is often surrounded by wild deer. Gradually, she mixed with a group of wild deer, usually will take care of them. One day, there was a heavy rain outside, she went out to see, and did not find the figure of wild deer, however, when she returned home, she saw such a scene. It turned out that the little guys had gone straight into the house through her unclosed back door.

Amscolie certainly didn’t hesitate to take them in. The fawn did not know how to repay, only a strong kiss her. After that, they would often pass by to see her: Sometimes I come with my brothers and sisters.

5. Kangaroo hug

The kangaroo, called Abigail, was adopted to a kangaroo shelter when he was five months old, and for 10 years, every day, it had to give a loving hug to the life-saving benefa man.

6. Your love, it can feel

The dog below, named Nora, had a dark past when its former owner abused it, tortured it, and later came to an animal shelter.

Because of past experience, it is afraid of being close to humans. It wasn’t until the Archies adopted it. The master really loves it, it can feel. So it slowly opened the heart and returned it with all the love.

7. The gentleness of the jaguar

A group of Brazilian soldiers found an injured jaguar in the Amazon rainforest. A group of people worked together to take care of it and it slowly recovered.

Because the jaguar is no longer fit to live in the wild, the local government allowed the Brazilian soldiers to continue to take care of it. It also remembers the soldiers who saved their lives, always being particularly gentle every time they were with them.

8. Cat’s return

The cat, named Rademenesa, was admitted to an animal shelter at 2 weeks old because of respiratory inflammation.

The shelter staff gave it a lot of love and care. Rademenesa grew up to be the shelter’s most powerful assistant.

9. When people saved me, now I’m going to save people

The dog, named Jake, was a victim of a fire that burned 75 percent of its skin. Although it was eventually rescued, the former owner abandoned it in a pet hospital.

The fireman who rescued it from the fire adopted it decisively. Now, it’s also a heroic fire dog.

10. Grateful dog

The dog understood who had saved it. Some will vigorously lick the vet who saved it, some will lean his head against his chest will hold the person who saved himself tightly, a movement, a look, are their gratitude to the beneever.

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