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In the fourth grade of primary school, I had a classmate because I did not understand things, in the school stole the female classmate’s meal money want to top up the game, about 300 yuan.

Then the female classmate found that 300 yuan was gone, crying out in a hurry, the head teacher also began to investigate the matter.

She told the whole class to close their eyes, who stole the money, and quietly opened their eyes. I thought the teacher was smart enough to protect the dignity of the students and allow them to admit their mistakes on their own initiative.

The classmate carefully admitted that he had stolen the money and handed over 300 yuan in private. But instead, the teacher leaked his name and let the whole class know who had stolen the money.

The next day, on Friday, the classmate arrived at school with red whip marks on his arms and back, and it was clear that he had been given the punishment he deserved.

At the class meeting, the teacher launched a brand new campaign called “Who Trusts Me?”

She asked each student to stand up and say, “My name is xxx, please trust my classmates to stand up with me.”

The students’ speeches were accompanied by rows of standing voices.

It’s the boy who stole the money,and he bowed his head and asked in a low voice.

Please trust my classmates to stand up.

The whole class was silent, and there was laughter from nowhere.

My heart is very complex, because poor that classmate, but also on this matter for the teacher’s dissatisfaction, I stood up, I only saw the teacher’s eyes from a fine bend into a round stare, the students’ surprised eyes are constantly hovering between the teacher and me.

“Why are you standing up?” The teacher asked.

“Because, I think I still trust him.” I replied in fear.

The teacher’s eyes were filled with anger, and I understood what I had done.

Suddenly there was a standing voice again, a girl. “I actually trust him!”

Several other students stood up carefully. The teacher’s anger is now a little flustered.

“I was just thinking… “I was the first to stand up, so I felt I needed to be the first to say why.” He has admitted his mistakes and accepted the punishment, it is not too late for you to correct your mistakes,you said in your class, and any bad person can have a second chance, so I think I can still trust him. “

“That’s what I think!” The girl followed suit.

A teacher who likes to control students’ thoughts is most afraid to find that students have an independent consciousness, out of control.

“It’s just unreasonable.”

She was indesperated in anger and panic.

I was very disappointed with the teacher.

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