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1. If the other party confides in you about his suffering, then you’d better not always analyze the truth with him, in fact, he just wants you to agree with his emotions first.

2, when talking about their areas of expertise, do not show off, do not just talk to themselves, to pay attention to the people around you are willing to listen to you.

3, if the other party said the content is not all right, nor is it all wrong.
Then you should say: yes, but xx place more accurately what should be.
Instead of saying: No, how.

4, to examine their relationship with the other side, so that you know where their border with each other, do not say some cross-border topics.
For example, you and your father discuss nightclub models.
For example, when you ask a female boss what her menstrual is.

5. If you want to end a conversation, but it seems that the other person has no meaning to end, you can use the “think for the other side” way to give yourself a step down.

Like what:
“You’ve got something else, don’t bother you first.”
“Okay, I see you’re still busy with your work.
I’m sorry to have delayed you for so long.
6. Don’t talk to someone worse than you.
For example, to a fat man every day to say that you want to lose weight, to a poor man every day to say that you buy a villa mortgage pressure.

7, the other person said he is very interested in things, you must not spit this matter, unless you just do not want to talk to him.

8, don’t cross a girl’s appearance to praise her connotation, otherwise she will think in your heart she looks bad.

9, listening is the most important part of the chat, if you can’t chat, then listen more, more agree, then others will have a good impression of you.

10. If you want to boast about a person, you should fall to a specific point, the more specific the better.
You are a good man. x.
When you chat, you will unconsciously tingle your hair, this action is really beautiful, a bit like Natalie Portman, and more sprinkling than her. √.

11. When a group of people chat together, take care of the person who doesn’t know everyone well.
Believe me, he’ll be especially grateful to you.

12. If you ask the other person a question, the other person don’t cares about it, or answers you in a perfunctory way.
That means he doesn’t want to answer your question.

13. Communication is to achieve one’s own purpose, not to vent one’s emotions.
Those who often lose control of their emotions in conversation should think about the meaning of this sentence.

14. What you absorb and what you show.

15. If you feel very good about a girl on her first date, want to continue to develop with her, want to ask her again, then you must not wait until the date is over, but should add this invitation where you are both interested.
Like what:
Woman: The steak in this restaurant is really good.
Man: I think so, too, but I know there’s a more cattle family, and I’ll take you next week.

16. Humor is the best way to defuse embarrassment.
When you speak in public and feel embarrassed, you may want to make a joke about yourself, such as: I want to eat something when I’m nervous, I almost bit the microphone on stage.

17, in the answer to the question repeated, is a typical manifestation of lying.
The more times you repeat, the greater the likely it is.
Like what:
Did you go to the hotel yesterday?
How did I go to the hotel yesterday, how could I go to the hotel, I don’t have a girlfriend, I went to the hotel why.

18, to learn to use good words to cover each other’s shortcomings.
For example: no work called waiting for work, no success called rising period, no face value called has connotation, no connotation called character gentle, character is not gentle called personality. How to say what sounds good how to come.

19. If you don’t want the other person to deny you, the best thing you should do is to give the other person a few options.
For example, would you like coffee, juice or tea?
That’s better than just asking, “What are you going to drink?”

20. If you and the other person in public opinion, do not have to argue with him to the end, do not have to prove him wrong on the spot, just insist on their own opinion, and then no matter how he refutes you are silent on it, time will tell him the answer, and finally he will only feel more ashamed, but also guilty of you.

21. If you don’t want the other person to feel disgusted, don’t say the opposite.
To give a counter-example:
Mom, are my pants hanging on the balcony?
Don’t you hang it on the balcony or in the toilet?

22, The most critical thing to say at the end.

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