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A 14 years of age girl, abducted by traffickers, imprisoned in a cellar, became dozens of old bachelors to vent their sexuality dolls.

The case took place in a remote village in the early 1990s. The case is also simple, is a villager will be a girl imprisoned in the cellar, torture. The informant was an obstetrician at the township health hospital, who was on duty that night when a man and a woman sent a 16-year-old girl. The girl was pushed by the man in a wheelboat, with a white face and messy hair, and was in a coma. When the doctor helped the girl out, he found a lot of blood in the unicyrail, and the girl’s lower pants were all dyed red. The man said the girl was her daughter and somehow began to bleed after dinner. The doctor looked at the girl like this, it was too late to send her to the county for medical treatment. It was important to save people, she didn’t think so much, woke up the nurse to the girl into the house to rescue, let the men and women wait outside. In order to facilitate treatment, the doctor took off the girl’s clothes, shocked to see that the girl’s body is full of wounds, slobby, branch smoking, some wounds have become scars, some wounds look new. When the girl stopped the bleeding, the doctor found that she had just been introduced to give birth, a tear in the uterus caused by a haemorrhage, from her intra-uterine conditions, this is not the first time to lead to birth. He was distressed and vowed to save the girl.The two of them busy for more than an hour, the blood finally stopped, but the girl still did not wake up.She thought the girl was abused by her parents, she was particularly pityful, let the nurse go out to the men and women said that the girl did not pass the dangerous period, need further treatment, do not let them visit. She gave the girl liquid, found some clean clothes for the girl to change, always observe the girl’s signs. At dawn, the girl finally woke up, the doctor was very surprised, helped her sit up, gave her some water to drink. The girl looked around, her eyes full of doubts and vigilance, and the doctor hurriedly explained to her. Who expected, the girl caught the female doctor, trembling for her help, this opened a case of sex slavery.

Two years ago, the girl went to the countryside to see the play and was picked up by a man. The two chatted very speculatively, and the man gave her a nice piece of sugar. She was in a coma after eating.The girl met the trafficker, and the man outside the operating room was the buyer. At that time, the man bought her and took her back to the village. On the way back to the village, the man raped her many times. To the man’s home, the girl knew that the man had a wife, he bought himself back, is to help him make money. The next day she entered the village, the girl was locked up in the cellar. After that, the couple brought in some strange men from time to time and forced sex with the girl. If the girl is not obedient, not only by the client hit, after the end also want to be beaten by the husband and wife, sometimes the man went out, his wife also hit girl, scolding her is a bitch, because since the girl, the man does not touch the wife, often change the fancy in the girl venting, the wife felt that the girl is robbing her husband. In two years, the girl had three births.This time the haemorrhage, they had no way, they sent the girl to the hospital. At the beginning, the girl will go to those into the cellar strange men to seek help, but they betray her without exception, when they leave, the girl will be husband and wife more ferocious beat, slowly, the girl no longer dare. It was not until she saw the female doctor that she rekindled her desire for life. The doctor heard very appalled, after dawn, she opened the door, saw the couple leaning against the wall to fall asleep, whispered to the nurse, let the nurse help guard the girl, she went to the township police station to report. The director listened to the doctor and was equally surprised, but when they returned to the hospital, the nurse told them that the girl’s parents had forcibly taken her away. “Didn’t I ask you to hold her?” The doctor questioned. “She’s awake, her parents are going to take her back, and I can’t stop it.” Nurse Innocent said. “They’re human traffickers!” said the doctor.

One of the people present was in the same village, and he snuck out, chased the couple all the way, and told them about it. They listened to the news, did not want to run at all, but very angry. Maybe they haven’t read a book and don’t know they’ve committed a crime.They took the girl back, locked her in the cellar, and ran around the village, informing everyone who had sex with her that they were helping to keep the girl. Therefore, when the police went to the village to investigate, the villagers unanimously said that the girl is the couple’s biological daughter, and said that the girl did not listen, by the couple scared, just outside the rumors of parents. The police want to see the girl, listen to her personally said, at first the villagers are blocked not to let, this director is the police school graduation assigned, a strong sense of justice, he insisted on seeing the girl. The couple couldn’t help it, and they agreed. But before the director entered the cellar, the man had said good to the girl, saying that as long as she said a word, to ensure that she could not leave the cellar alive. In the cellar, the director asked the girl many questions, but the girl suddenly changed caliber, and the villagers said the same. Out of the cellar, the police explained to the crowd that this was a misunderstanding, but also told the husband and wife to be better to their daughter later, try not to hit her, the husband and wife smiled. In fact, the police have guessed the truth. In the cellar, the light is dark, the police asked the girl, can not see her expression, can only hear from the voice of some strange, but when he identified himselves to the girl, he felt that in the dark, there is a hand tightly pinched him, that hand is very thin, strength is not small, has been trembling, hard pinching him. The police guessed that the girl was under a lot of pressure and was afraid to tell the truth. This time he only brought 2 people, can help the man talk to more than 20 villagers, if he forced to take the girl away, only afraid that something will happen, this decision to deceive the villagers first. Take someone with he again. That evening, the secretary personally brought 50 people to the village to rescue the girl, and the couple were arrested. When she arrived at the police station, the girl said much the same thing she told the doctor and told her about her family before she was abducted. At first, the couple decided that the girl was their daughter and said she was neurotic and told the police not to trust her. After a night, the man confessed honestly. That year he worked in the provincial city, met a workmate, heard that his hometown there a lot of women to buy a wife. The man had a wife, but his village was very poor, nearly a third of the men were bachelors, roughly calculated, almost a hundred people, he thought it was a way to make money. So he tricked the girl into going home, dedicated to the bachelors. In order to keep the business going for a long time, he invited the village chief into the cellar without receiving any money. The last time the girl was bleeding heavily, the man thought that if she were taken to the hospital, she might talk nonsense. But if the girl dies, his economic sources. is gone. In the end, he decided to send the girl for medical treatment. This gave the girl a chance to be saved.

Thirty-six villagers involved in the case, those who helped the husband and wife to make false confessions of the villagers, not only afraid of being implicated in the incident, more worried about the girl was rescued after their own and no woman used. But the case only held the couple criminally responsible, and the village chief and dozens of villagers involved in the bullying of the girl adopted a lenient policy, never to blame. In doing so, although contrary to the spirit of the rule of law, but in that kind of social situation at that time, there is no way. After the girl was rescued, did not show particular joy, on the one hand, weak, on the other hand, long-term beatings and abuse, even if the police told her that she was free, or very afraid, see the living people can not help but retreat, the whole body huddles. It was not until her father and two brothers came to pick her up that she began to cry with them. Along the way, the police escorted them back to their hometown and assisted the girl to complete the relevant procedures at the local police station, saying only that the girl had been abducted and that nothing had been said about what had happened to the girl. The police also learned that the girl’s loss hit her mother very hard, her mother missed her very much, a year later died. And the girl would have been very pampered at home, if not in this disaster, she would have been very happy.

The couple, the man, was sentenced to ten years, the woman five years. Today, they have been released from prison and are living well. As for the girl, the Secretary gave her adequate protection, except for the two police officers who sent her back to the case, no one knows where she is. I hope she can be an ordinary person and live a normal plain life.

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