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I was very respectful of the elderly until something happened that changed my view.

I was driving and I had an electric tricyil five metres to the right in front of me. It’s a fast ride. It’s turned over! It’s a granny.

I said to my friend in the car, I want to go down and help. IMy friend won’t let me meddle.I did not hesitate Blame myself for getting too young).

I helped the old man to the side of the road. Ready to go. The old man grabbed me in one go. Say I bumped into someone and tried to run.

Can’t get out, helpless I can only call 110 police. The old man also called his son.

110 was transferred to the traffic police. The traffic police didn’t come, and the old man’s son arrived first.

I tried to make things clear with the old man’s son. The old man and his son said my car hit she.

I said how far my car is from yours. How did my car hit she? There were no signs of a collision in my car.

After the meeting, the co-police motorcycle arrived. Come and find out.

The co-police first asked me to get a driving license, driver’s license, insurance policy!

Then go and see the old man’s injuries.

After listening to the old man, the co-police motorcycle officer came over and asked me if I had hit someone.

The police said they could not deal with it, to wait for the traffic police to come!

When the traffic police came. The old man began to cry. I bumped into someone. How she struggled to get up. How much pain it hurts.

Helpless! The dashcams were all showed to the traffic police. The other son said I was a fake.

Oh, my God. For the first time, I encountered such an unclear situation. It feels as disgusting as eating a fly.

Traffic police said to go back to check monitoring. Registration is carried out first and the injured are taken to hospital first. The vehicle is buckled first. Let me take the valuables from the car.

Traffic police checked the surveillance video to prove that the vehicle did not collide.

Complete the formalities. Sign. Take the certificate. I’ll take a bus to the parking lot to pick it up.

Ben thought the traffic police proved it to me. I’m in a bit of trouble this time. Not to be disappointed.

The next thing. It really lets me down.

The old man and his two sons who found my work unit!

All kinds of noise!

Helpless can only call the police. The police station came to understand, register the police!

The police station coordinates.

The next day, They went on.

I can only call the police. The police station is coming again.

Then the front desk started stopping people. Don’t let people in. Alarms again and again.

The police are bored!

The boss told me to take care of it!

I’ll just ask the police. What about this? The police also said there was no way. I’m afraid not to do much. She are more than 70 old years.

Mediation continued. Once again I proved that I didn’t hit someone. The old man’s son said again that I had hit someone and that I had faked it.

It’s a dead cycle again. It’s totally unreasonable.

The boss advise me. Let me suffer a little loss. Lose some money and get things done. Come to the company all day long, an old age. In case something happens. The responsibility is greater.

The boss came forward to mediate. Offered to pay a thousand dollars to granny for nutrition. Buy something to eat and drink.

The old man’s young son disagreed. He think I hit hie mom. Lose a thousand dollars now. Not accepted.

Oh, my God! It’s really helpless!

At last it was solved. After some haggling. gave three thousand five. Get this done!

It’s as disgusting as eating a fly.No longer easy to be kind to others.

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