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Former colleagues, master’s degree, single beauty, doing excellent work, with a decent salary, so that many people envy.

It wasn’t until her middle-old father had a regular medical check-up that life began to count down.

She and her family sold their home to her father for medical treatment, and borrowed money from relatives and friends, but still had to watch his father get thinner.

“I feel so ine will that after reading books for so many years, I can’t even protect a family.” “But I’m not going to give up anyway,” she said. ”

Seeing her mother sitting in the doorway of the ward secretly in tears, she ran over to hold her mother and asked about her father’s condition.

Mother told her that he was terminally ill with stomach cancer and that treatment would cost a lot of money. Alas! With that, my mother began to cry again.

Until she saw a bill of expenses flowing out of the cold machine like water, she felt her legs weak, and slowly sat on the ground, her hands shaking with the bills.

For the first time, she found myself vulnerable to the destruction of life, with no power to pay back.

Think of their usual in and out of the high-end office building to work, it seems that the income is good, but experienced a test, it easily consumed all their savings.

The poet Rilke famously said: Where there is any victory, resist means everything.

Life is a long practice, when we stand on the hill, look down, the original is not what the world peach source, but paved with gravel road.

Turns out, life is cruel, but you didn’t know it before. Money is your biggest strength.

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