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See this question want to answer, I hope not to be seen by people I know. What a shame!

Before the age of 18, I had notmy love letters, I didn’t be confessed.I didn’t fall in love. Being a girl is also a failure to live.The advantage of growth is that I eat with boys every day and walk , my parents do not think we are in early love.

Let’s put a lovely picture of my childhood first.

Next, in junior high school, it was like this.

The first time I tried to draw eyebrows, it was like this.

(It’s a little funny.)

College began to change a little.

Watch some beauty videos.

Study the dress slowly.

Also began to work out, . Pay attention to body management.

Exposure photos.

This is the status quo.

And most importantly, self-confidence can really make you beautiful from the inside out. Everyone has their own unique and beautiful place.

Goodbye babes I will continue to update the recent beauty.

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  1. If only self confidence and public-nudity were “normalized”. sounds like-a-social-site video-title!

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