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A few beautiful scenery!

I’m sure you’ll keep saying, Oh my god!There are places like this in the world!

Right! Yes, in In Northwest China!

NO1. The most beautiful road on the G315.

Crossing the no man’s land of the Chaidamu Basin, you will encounter the beautiful scenery of the Gobi Highway, the most famous is the G315, all the way to the vast Gobi, as if directly into the sky, very shocking.

NO2. Water Yadan.

On the water Yadan, this landscape is still very rare, not to mention in the Chaidamu Basin on the Great Gobi, the desert suddenly appeared a huge lake, and there are many Yadan mushroom piles in the water, that scene absolutely shocked you.

Then you can’t help but say: Wow! There’s such a place in the world!

NO3. Eighty-one glaciers.

From a far side you will see a huge ice cap covering the mountain, and then slowly approach, you will see a “huge ice wall” this is the cross-section of the 81 glacier, very spectacular, standing on the ice cap, as if the clouds in the sky in front of your eyes, reach out to pick, wow , too beautiful!

It’s a bit like the feeling of the moon, though I haven’t been to the moon, haha.

NO4. Chaidamu No Man’s Land, Yadan Group.

Driving in no man’s land, that’s a particularly cool thing, and you’ll see a lot of Gobi scenery, desolate, vast, warm, free, here will see a lot of land Yadan group, although there is no water Yadan spectacular, but also very shocking.

NO5. Emerald Lake.

It’s many times more beautiful than the teaca salt lake, and there’s a lot more in the Great Northwest, and there’s a lot of that, and it’s one of those, a lot of salt lakes, scattered across the northwest, blue like gems, green like jade, come this time, it’s really super worth it.

NO6. West Taiguinell Lake.

It is magical, see to know that a lake is divided into two halves, half of the road is salt water, the other half is fresh water, see the color of the lake is obviously different.

The next place, more shocking, absolutely shocked your eyeballs.

The Great Northwest is really a magical place, full of unknowns and surprises.

Devil’s Eye – Aiken Springs.

It’s the eye of the earth deep in the Chaidamu Basin, overlooking from the sky, like coming to Mars.

Man Cliff Emerald.

This place, is a place similar to the Great Chaidan Emerald Lake, but here is more small and secretive, of course, the scenery is quite shocking, to see such a scenery chin will be surprised. My motherland’s great rivers and mountains are really too good-looking!

Obo Liang

Referring to the Yadan Devil City, you may think of Xinjiang, Dunhuang and so on, but in the center of the Great Northwest, there is also a huge Yadan geomorphological area, where there is a simulated Mars base, wow, there is really a sense of mystery.

That ́ all, you can upvote me.

There’s such a place in the world! Hahahaha.

The motherland is beautiful, I am proud.

Welcome to China.

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