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Once, I was having dinner with a friend at a restaurant when I happened to see an awkward scene.

Across the table are two girls and a boy sitting across the table. The two girls are friends. One of the girls and boys is a couple, we call this girl A.A ´s friend called B.A.’s boyfriend C.

At first, they had a good meal together. Halfway through A went to the toilet. I saw C’s hand start on B’s lap and kept stroking. B Did not reject him. I heard B say, you pay attention, A will be back. C said, don’t be afraid, I love your honey. B said, Then you break up with her and stay with me. C said, what a joke, I’m with her don’t have to go to work, there’s time to spend with you. Isn’t that good? B said, Then you have to compensate me and buy me the latest bag. C said, no problem, honey. I’ll have A transfer the money to me in a little time. When A came back, they pretended nothing had happened and still ate together. Ironically, C also kissed A in front of B. (B How can you not be jealous, not angry, but also keep smiling.As a girl, I’m curious. )Sure enough, the meal was paid for by A.

They finished their meal and were ready to leave. I’m so distressed A, her have a cheating boyfriend and a fake friend. I rushed up and told A that when you went to the bathroom, I saw your boyfriend cheat on your friend. A stunned, her eyes red. C hurriedly explained that I had vilified him. I said, A You can look at the restaurant monitoring and you’ll know if I’m lying. C obviously panicked. B to A, I’m sorry. A Ran out of the restaurant crying. My friend was afraid that C would retaliate against me and pull me away.

I can imagine how sad and desperate A is.Damn it! C is the worst man I’ve ever seen and destroyed two girls at the same time. I hope A can get out of the sadness.

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