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Churchill was a child of lack of love.

His English aristocratic father was busy with government affairs, america’s wealthy daughter’s mother was busy socializing, and they each had their own lovers,his mom were said to have more than 200, including the king.

A sociable American mother, marriage was a deal for the wealthy American family of the time.

Churchill wrote to his parents many times at school in the hope that they would come to the school, but they had never been there.

He is a bad son and his grades have been poor.

So then his family sent him to Harrow School, which is said to have the lowest IQ requirements.

After going in, but also into the worst results, the class teachers are about to give up, do not teach Latin, only teach English.

Later, his father, who had been to Oxford, felt that he could not go to Oxford, so he applied for the military school.

Churchill re-read for three years before he was admitted.

Before he graduated, his father had die of syphilis.

When Churchill was at school, he had no friends.

But judging by the documentary, Churchill has always eager toas a father who was once chancellor of the exchequer.

So this lack of love child, after graduating from military school began to actively stimulate their potential, take the initiative to participate in the war, in the process of being a war correspondent found their love of writing, began to read philosophy a lot, began to write books.

He escaped from prison while in South Africa and then managed to gain political capital through his own life.

“The days of my life when I was doing nothing, I could count by hand,” he says in the documentary.

Personal work experience オ factors that determine his values. to a greater extent than his parents..

Children like Churchill, actually knew better what kind of spouse they wanted.

People who step on pits know how to avoid them and fill them up.

Churchill and his wife were very happiness. They exchanged letters every day, in sharp contrast to their own parents, especially the he mothers who later found a younger brother, younger than Churchill.

So, what kind of life truth does the love-lacking Churchill tell us?

1.For success, your school results are not the most important, the most important thing is your desire to succeed. Churchill, as a war correspondentオ found himself in love with writing, and began reading a lot of books during this period, so a book written by a child who had done poorly at school helped him not only buy a lot of mansions, but also made all The English proud to have a book he wrote at home. He also won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

2. Your work experience shapes your values., not your family. Churchill’s various views, you have difficulty contacting his parents, because usually they do not have any contact. His values. are the result of his many wars and experience in politics.

3.There is nothing to be dreadful about less friends. As a person with a unique mind, it is normal for you to have fewer friends. As you work your own like Churchill to rise in social status, gain experience, and gain insight, you will have more opportunities to interact with different people, and we will increase our contacts and absorb more ideas, rather than pouring your daily time into a so-called friend.

4. Single-parent families are not a necessary factor, but they are an important factor that can help a person to become more aware of others, find a partner that suits him or her, but cherishes his or her marriage more. All the mistakes made by parents will help smart people reflect, so smart people, one who can observe and sum up.

Finally attached to the Prime Minister’s beautiful photo.

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