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When you decide to start a relationship,

1. First of all, why do you want オ with her for what time? Is it because she looks good? Or is it because you’re single? Or does she really make you very moved, want to know her, want to take care of, want to love her? Generally there will be an answer in your heart, these answers can basically answer the contradictions that will arise in the future.

2. Whether the two sides have the same hobby, married, more is to spend the rest of their lives together, so we must consider the long-term. Whether the two sides can talk, whether there is a common interest, even if the feelings fade, they can also do their favorite things together, together to find those original feelings.

3. In which city to make a home, how to buy a house? If you fall in love, are you willing to go to each other’s city life?

4. If marriage needs to give up part of the career ideal, can give up to what point? Respect each other’s dreams? When one side is at a low ebb, can the other party give maximum support and encouragement?

5. If a party is unable to have children, is it still acceptable to continue the marriage? If your child has a congenital disease, do you have the confidence to face problems together, especially financial stress?

6. How does the family work divide, such as cooking and cleaning? Buy a car to decorate, who do you listen to? Can I have a TV in my bedroom?

7. How do I understand cheating? What are the boundaries of heterosexual friends? Would you like to introduce your opposite-sex friend to your partner? What if you don’t like a friend of your partner’s? How many times can I accept my partner’s weekly outing?

8. If there is a quarrel, can it be stopped? Can the other person be forgiven? Are you willing to continue to learn for the other side, continuous efforts, introspection and improve themselves?

9. When do she have a baby? How many do you want? Who’s going to take care of it? When giving birth, choose to have a caesarean section? If you need a person to look after them full-time, are you willing to give up your current job and bring your kids at home?

10. If you love, please love in the right way, excessive love is the common love in most boys. Turn her from a healthy and lively girl into a little girl who depends everywhere, turn a normal person into an emotional slave who moans without illness, and finally because of this abandoned her, hurt her, but also hurt you.

Doing the right thing and falling in love right is what I want to say to all the boys.

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