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In 1963, Li Shan was born into a poor family in Jilin Province, where he dropped out of school after only the fifth grade because of poor conditions. According to Li Shan’s own confession, from the time he dropped out of school (about 11 years old), “I don’t know why, suddenly had very violent thoughts in my head”, he felt that initially “wanted to strangle a girl surnamed Li in the village”, but when asked the reason is not because he hated her, but because he had a good feeling for her. In short, this is a kind of lishan himself can not think of the expression of the hazy idea, and this idea is looming, the frequency of the emergence with age also more and more frequent, at the beginning he also understood that this idea is “very wrong”, but just can not help. “As long as I want to kill her, I’ll be comfortable hitting her.” This violent sexual fantasy for Liu Shan, who has just entered puberty, is like a demon, difficult to break free. After dropping out of school, Li Shan worked as a helper at a grocery store, handling some goods during the day and doing nothing at night, so once night fell, he would go to the remote areas nearby to track the young women. According to Li Shan, he began by selectively stalking women of color, would follow a road and then suddenly rush past, as long as he saw the woman being followed on the face of that kind of fear and fear will feel very aftertaste and satisfaction. But gradually, Li Shan became bolder, and finally, on the evening of March 1979, he followed a woman surnamed Sun, stabbed her to death in the dark, dragged her to an open field and repeatedly kicked her, eventually cutting off her left nipple with a knife. The second week after the case, Li Shan was arrested and jailed, sentenced to death on charges of intentional homicide, and was 39 years old after his release from prison.

After his release from prison, Li Shan found that his violent impulses had become different – he became very interested in the long hair of beautiful women: “As long as I see women with long hair, I have a strong sense of possession.” Asked what kind of possessive desire it was, Li shan said, “Just kill she.” Li Shan began stalking women with long night.in April 2003, he attacked a woman surnamed Zheng, knocking her down with a hammer and cutting her hair. In August 2003, a woman surnamed Zhou was attacked, knocked down with the back of an axe and cut her hair. Finally, in 2004 a follow-up appeared a fork, Li Shan selected a victim because of dodge quickly and tried to resist the call for help, called other helpers. Li Shan felt that simply take the risk, and “not thorough enough”, so the behavior escalated into killing hair. By chance, Li Shan found a long-haired woman (Hua) very attractive to him, so he tracked and tracked it every day, spent several weeks to get a clear grasp of the activity route, and finally on a Wednesday night with a board axe, plastic bags and other criminal tools in the victim’s must pass through the road covert place squatting, ready to carry out the murder. That night, the victim went home with her sister, was ambushed by the perpetrators rushed out and killed with an axe, and then with the back of the axe to knock his sister unconscious. Li Shan then cut off the dead man’s head and took it home, peeling off his scalp and facial skin with a knife and throwing his skull into the river not far from his home. He took the victim’s long scalped hair home for self-defecation, and mixed the victim’s facial skin with pig skin to stir-fry chili peppers to make wine, just after drinking the night was captured by the police. Police found these things in his home: a large number of women’s hair (in the cabinet) with long hair scalp (later tested to match the deceased’s own DNA) a large number of yellow books, magazine pot mixed in pig skin peppers face (later tested to match the deceased’s own DNA) during the interrogation, Li Shan Shut up and take advantage of the alcohol did not defy the alcohol crazy, but when the police put out all the evidence LiShan can not refute, slowly began to confess the facts of the crime, in addition to injury / homicide, LiShan also confessed to several cases of their own knife masked burglary.

I was sick of myself when I wrote about him.

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