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A lot of girls like to wear fur, and of course I admit that fur is really beautiful.

But I don’t think everyone knows how cruel the price of this fur’s beauty is.

In fact, our daily use of fur clothing, bags are stained with blood. While high-end fur ready-to-wear.

Is the fur industry production, the most cruel one.

At this moment, hundreds of millions of animals are being held in forced iron cages around the world, ready to face abuse and killing.

Take the mink, which accounts for most of the industry’s production. Tens of millions of otters need to give their fur to humans every year.

This is a night-time activity of the ferns, like to live alone fur warmth is very strong also with the flash .

In a farm, otters are kept in tiny cages from an early age until death, which is the equivalent of keeping a person in a suitcase all his life.

They don’t usually live for a year, and by the time it comes time to get their fur, many of the little otters have been forced into “madness”.

For a long time, most of them suffered from severe mental illness and most of the otters were gnawing at iron cages all the time trying to escape. But any escaped otter will be trampled to the ground as punishment and thrown back into the cage. Self-harm, gnawing of the same kind of situation every day in the cage injured otters will not receive any treatment.

When peeling, in order to get the complete skin. Workers will hit their heads with iron bars, or grab their tails and fall directly to the ground.

Some farms use electric shocks to fix electrodes to the head and anus, and when there is electricity and lively otters, they don’t move.

This is done not to less of their suffering, but to make it easier for workers to peel if they lose their ability to attack and escape. The otter’s powerless workers came forward to cut off four legs, cut open the opening from the tail, and peeled off the whole piece of fur.

The Daily Mail reports on the cruelty of fox skin farms in Eastern Europe, where the average fox weighs 3.5kg. However, the farms, in pursuit of large furs and feeding on high-fat foods, made the foxes weigh an average of 19.4 kg, unable to work on their own and suffering from illness.

On this farm alone, more than 100,000 foxes are skinned each year, an average of 274 a day.

They huddled in iron cages for a long time, unable to see the sun. Many foxes lose their eyeballs and their chins rot.

Such tragedies are played out all over the world every day.

What did they do wrong???

They just want to live!

Whether it’s otters, foxes, raccoons, once they’re skinned, the body will be abandoned in the wild until death. Or be sold to a variety of black heart processing directly shredded mixed into beef, pork and so on for sale.

The food is eaten by diners or flowed into farmers’ markets.

Unsuspecting housewives brought home as ingredients for the next day.

Humans brutally killed these animals just for the sake of so-called fashion.

I just hope I don’t see this fashion trend on the high street again this winter.

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