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Reading that time, there is a sister, often shouted to me to invite her to dinner.So I promised to invite her to eat on Saturday.

The location she chose.

When I got to the place, my whole person was stunned.The food in the restaurant is completely unaffordable to me.

I thought I’d eat now that I’m here.Then she took a selfie and posted Facebook.After about a minute or two, she told me in a very embarrassed way that her roommate said she came out to dinner without them,so can she bring her roommate over?I didn’t speak at the time, but I was already angry.

Normal students between please eat, do not need to go to this high-end restaurant. Besides, the girl doesn’t feel very rich at school. Rich people eat, who will not always take pictures.

After a minute or two, she answered the phone, and then her three roommates came up.

(Is that what happened?) 2 minutes, people are arrived downstairs)

The three of them sat down very naturally.It occurred to me that she and I were sitting at a big table from the beginning.A group of them began to order.They ordered it before they gave me the menu.I glanced at the menu and I said you’ve ordered a lot and I won’t order it.(I estimated it was more than 2000 yuan at the time)

Then, the dishes come on one by one.Every dish came up and they took pictures around.I thought about the cost of this meal to cover my living expenses for a month.

I asked my roommate to call me.On the phone, I said, “Why haven’t you arrived yet?”You didn’t find a parking space, did I? I’ll go down and help you.

Then, naturally, I went down.After going down, I immediately left with my roommate.

After about a dozen minutes, the woman realized something was wrong.

Call me and ask if my car’s parked?

I said, “Help my friend find a parking space.

Ten minutes later, she called again.

Ask me where I am. Why isn’t it over?

They’re almost done, let me make up the money for the meal.

I was angry. I said, I promised to buy you dinner, but I didn’t promise to invite your roommate to dinner, I promised to buy you dinner, you treat me as a fool. Do you usually need 2000 yuan for a meal?”Bitch.

I haven’t spoken to that girl since.

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