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It’s not a knock on the door, it’s what I see when I open the door, it’s no less powerful than Mars hitting Earth.

Oh, my God! Damn it! I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw.

You can imagine how angry I am at the moment. My lipstick, my eye shadow, my essence. It’s all money. I worked hard to buy it back a little bit. It’s gone now. These are all masterpieces of my niece.

She came to my house that afternoon, and my mother asked me to go to the supermarket to buy food. In a short time, I came back to find that my room had been destroyed. I looked in the direction that the criminal had not yet escaped the crime scene and was still at the scene of the destruction. I’m really angry. Look at her.

(It seems that she is having a great time.)

Her mother did not teach her, to other people’s homes as a guest, can not casually move other people’s things?
I told my niece’s mother that your daughter had broken my things.
But her mother said that she was still a child, just play. Don’t care about her , you’re an adult. This cosmetic can still be used.

Because it’s a family relationship, my mom wouldn’t let me ask them for compensation. But I couldn’t stand it, and I yelled at her, Is this lipstick broken and the eye shadow is broken.? Get out of my house now. I don’t welcome you.
Oh, I forgot to say that my cat was not spared.

It has been my greatest mercy not to let them pay for it.

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