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Give your boyfriend a 1-24 birthday present.

It was my boyfriend’s birthday the other day, which gave him a little surprise.

This is our birthday cake, it’s nice.
Feelings are mutual, I think it is not only boys to pay and create surprises. Girls can also surprise and romance boys.
Give him a 1-24 birthday present.

1 year old, bottle.
2 years old, socks.
3 years old, milk.
4 years old, candy.
5 years old, car toys.
6-year-old, Altmandija.
7 years old, chess.
8 years old, mosquito repellent lamp.
9 years old, bag.
10 years old, comic book.
11-year-old, ninja GarageKits.
12 years old, diary.
13 years old, game console.
14 years old, chocolate.
15 years old, Doraemon.
16 years old, school uniform.
17-year-old couple’s cell phone case.
18 years old, condom.
19 years old, clothes.
20 years old, face wash.
21 years old, mask.
22 years old, headphones.
23 years old, book.
24 years old, panties.
Your once I can’t participate, your future has me with you.

The boyfriend said he was moved to cry when he saw the gift. It’s worth it to feel like I’ve been preparing for a month. You can also try to prepare your object for such a surprise, he will love you more.

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