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First class can be priority boarding, bank VIP can be skip-the-line, the most expensive ticket location for the concert is the best.
The world is always equal, how hard you work, how outstanding.
Before the June 2018″ college entrance ”exam, Extreme Challenge did an experiment in which all children were placed on the same starting line, and guests would ask them six questions and answer “yes” to the children, who could take six steps forward to reach the next line.
Here’s the problem:
1. Do your parents have a college education or above?
2. Have your parents payed for you a 1-to-1 home teacher?
3. Do your parents keep you learning a speciality?
After three questions, some people went all the way, and some people were still standing.

Next, the question continues:
4. From small to large, have you ever been abroad?
5. Do parents promise to send you to study abroad?
6. From small to large, are you the pride of mom and dad, do they often boast about you in front of relatives and friends?
When all the problems are over, some people are already far ahead, but some students are still in the original point, one step without moving.

The starting line in the same position began to become uneven.

Life was unfair from the beginning. You stand in a position that your parents gave you.
Then, with a give of orders, the children began to run collectively towards the end.
Those who finally rush to the top 20, are they the 20 people standing in front? There are some of them, but not all of them. Even more people come from behind.

Birth is different, the college entrance examination also has a starting line, but life is a marathon, the winner will never be a complainer, but has been trying to run forward.

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