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I used to work as a part-time waiter in a hotel. I played the game with my guests for 7 days.

The story begins with a pair of glasses.

On the first day, while cleaning a house, I suddenly saw a pair of glasses by my pillow. “I think it’s going to break down if I don’t pay attention in a place like this.” I folded a baby elephant with a clean towel and put my glasses on its head.

When I went to clean the room the next day, I found that the baby elephant had not been removed, and the guest left a note:

(Haha, why is there only a baby elephant, where’s his mother?)

So I folded an elephant to accompany it.

But it wasn’t over, and on the third day, the guests surprised me again.

(666 is a Chinese internet language, the expression is very well.)

Haha, so I surprised the guests again on the fourth day.

(Banana trees are for elephants and baby elephants.)

Day 5.

The guest replied, “Yummy!

Please throw the banana peel away for me.”

Banana skins?

Oh, that’s true!

Day 6.

I replied to him,banana skins can’t be thrown around, in case someone steps on them to wrestle. Oh!

Day 7.

He replied to me. “Sorry T_T”

And I used a smile to defuse the embarrassment.

Day 8, he checked out.

At noon, my colleague at the front desk handed me a note, which he left me:

(Thank you for having a good time these days.)

Haha, thank you, I also have a good time.

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