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1. People who often say thank you, luck is not too bad.
2. Want to and do not know the people, the fastest familiar with the way, is to each other to praise , the more details the better.
This trick is very useful to girls, a praise of the topic came.
Your hair looks good. Your clothes are so well, where did you buy them? “” You make up well, teach me.
3. If you want a boy to be fascinated by you, agree to his reasonable invitation, but stop at a critical time.The girl, on the other hand, fulfills all her wishes and adds a surprise.
4. When a person lies, his eyes are erratic, his facial expressions and limbs will be very unnatural, and when he tells the truth, his eyes are firm, his expressions and movements will be very rich.
5. When communicating with others, give choice questions instead of questions and answers, so that you can unconsciously let others agree to your request.
For example, if you want to date someone you like, don’t ask, “Where do you want to play?” instead, “Do you want to go to the movies or have afternoon tea?” “
6. Imitating a person’s movements and tone can close you and him.
7. If you want to make your girlfriend not angry faster, say sweet words to her left ear.
8. People who like to abuse cats tend to be violent.

9. If you want to make the other person uncomfortable – keep an eye on their hairline.
10. Ask your child to drink milk, which she may refuse. If ask him if he drinks it in a colored cup or in a glass. He would choose to drink in a colored cup.
11. It is easier to be forgiven for wearing white when you do something wrong. White gives the impression of innocence. Like being late today, wearing white, and apologizing.
12. The brain is born lazy and doesn’t like word-rich content, so entertainment software is in line with popular tastes, short videos, comics, and text.The insist on seeing the students here, really excellent, and greedy themselves to do confrontation, give a upvote ,a praise of their own bar.

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