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I was angry when I remembered what had happened not long ago.
I have a good friend who is gay. She had just finished being single the other day.
When she came home from school, she was stopped by a boy who had been after her for a long time, pointing to her nose and swearing.
You’re disgusting, you’re seducing women, can you face yourself? Need to find you some men to get you normal?
(The original words are actually very vulgar, beautify here)
She said nothing, left, and cried at home for a long time.
The next day I saw her red and swollen eyes, know this matter, I found the boy’s class, in front of their class of more than seventy people in the face of a hard slap in the face.
Respect women’s most basic qualities and education.
Scum is of no age, garbage is male or female.

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