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Chinese New Year has a tradition everyone to wear new clothes Clothing store.

Salesman sister ,we have black and blue two styles of this dress .

I,I want black .

My mother, I think black is not good-looking.

I,I want blue.

My mother ,this is to buy you clothes you like to buy .

I, I want black.

My mother ,but black really don’t look good .

I ,I want blue .

My mother,This is to buy your own clothes ,can you have a little opinion?

I ,I want black .

My mother ,I just told you black is not good-looking .

I,buy one for each black and blue.

My mother ,Two the same, why buy so much?

I,What color do you buy?

My mother ,you buy clothes yourself do not have a point of opinion .

I,I Idon’t buy it.

My mother ,You can’t have new clothes on New Year’s Day.

So began to quarrel.

The supermarket assistant near my house knows our family because we’ve had a lot of noise in every store.

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